On the 31st of may 2018, we were allowed to share our enthusiasm for living statues by giving a workshop on the matter in “the Ziep” in Didam. We had a blast of a day!

We brought the workshop to realization in the way that was requested of us. We demonstrated how we put on the makeup for the act, in what ways you can use the limited movement you do to bring forth the “living” in “living statue”, and of course, how to stand still. There’s more to it than one might think.

The costumes themselves, being as integral to the whole act as they are, also played a key part in our workshop. We brought one of Axel’s costumes -the one from “Meten is weten”- with us for some of the participants to wear, so they could experience what it’s like to wear a costume like that. 

the next couple of weeks, the participants of the workshop will work on their own living statue projects. On the fifth of July, we’ll return to Ziep, but this time to watch our students in their own roll of living statue. We’re already looking forward to it!

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